AGROBIO TECHNICA Magazine farming, livestock, bioenergyyear XI, issue 7, 2023

Gruppo AB - Cogeneration Solutions & Case Studies at the See Renewable Energies Exhibition

Gruppo AB, the European leader in cogeneration solutions for industry, agriculture and municipalities, announces its first time presence at the SE European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Sofia, 5-7 March, at Inter Expo Center.
Within the Fair, AB Energy will present the case study of the companys first 1 MW biogas (corn silage) plant built in Mumchil, near Balchik in 2013 as well as the complete modular cogeneration solutions on natural gas, biogas and APG.
"In terms of renewable energy, the Bulgarian market is a growing one with competitive support from the Government in terms of feed-in tariffs, and the banks which have dedicated solutions for financing renewable energy projects. Gruppo AB believes that Bulgaria represents one of the main pillars of their business future, therefore our commitment is guarantee", declares Mr. Angelo Baronchelli, founder and President of Gruppo AB Italy.
"After this first successful case study in Bulgaria, there will be another 2 plants, one of 0,5 MWe and one of 0,888 MW which we are working on, but there will be more by the end of 2014. Specifically, looking at the Bulgarian biogas market, we can see an interesting potential, considering that last year it was approved to be installed 64 MWe from biogas. I believe that at least 50 MWe/year can be installed on biogas. The technology produces thermal power and electricity which are predictable and uniform, and can bring balance to the Bulgarian electrical network. The main benefits of cogeneration are the possibility of predicting the energy injected in the network, energy cost reduction, the opportunity of modular development of the plants and thermal efficiency", adds Mr. Vladimir Oprescu, Regional Sales Manager AB Energy Romania & Bulgaria.
Bio-cogeneration involves the production of electricity and heat energy recovery using agricultural and animal-farming wastes, materials from dedicated crops, or even the organic parts of household wastes which increase energy and financial efficiency. Other advantages of cogeneration in the agricultural sector involve drastic reduction of odors and polluting emissions, reduction of pathogenic germs and the use of digested sludge for soil conditioning.
AB Energys complete and modular cogeneration technologies are created both for lower cogenerations (between 64 and 600 kWe - Linea Rossa) and for cogenerations up to 1,4 Mwe (ECOMAX BIO LINE). The biogas equipments have developed and the existing solutions allow cogenerations with engines of 2 MWe and even with 3,2 MWe.